After a long period of human torture and burden,
Earth is filling its lungs with pure oxygen.
Birds got their skies wide and clear,
They can fly without any noise and fear.
My eyes are pleasantly surprised,
Seeing how nature could be so nice.

The chirping of birds is all I hear so far,
Birds the musicians and trees their guitar.
It seems like trees are junketing their freedom,
They dance as if the winds hum and
their feathered friends sing––just for them.

Roads are covered with fallen leaves,
Flowers bloom again on the stems of trees.
Earth is enjoying its vacation to the fullest,
But soon, everything will be back to normal
and this side of creation will be missed.

Roads will be filled with jalopies and limos,
The sky will grow overcast, losing its glow.


― Gurleen Kaur, S.S. Mota Singh Sr Sec Model School, Janakpuri, New Delhi.

  I like this!

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