The melting snow,
And the overflowing waters,
The rising temperatures,
And the planet gets hotter.

We think it’s a joke but,
Is it really, though?
We not only waste water,
But also forget the people we know.

What happens to that poor soul,
To know his babies won’t make it through,
To know they’re suffering from a pandemic,
That he won’t be a father of two.

We continue to hurt,
To rape, to kill,
If we don’t save this planet,
Who will?

We fail to see that we are blessed,
With shelter and food and care,
We are loved and we are nourished,
In a world where it is rare.

If we work together,
We can get through,
To help and to trust,
Is the least we can do.

Spread love,
In a world of hate,
Spread originality,
In a world of remakes.

Spread happiness,
In a world where sorrow rules,
Spread knowledge,
In a world of fools.


– Saara Mathur, Amity International School, Noida


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  1. I hate to say it but its to late for the world to recover right now the temperature is rising faster than ever and the even the most positive estimates say that the world will go carbon friendly in the year 2030 and by than it will be to late and if we want to survive we have to go green this year which isn’t likely to happen


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