Deep in the dense forest

In the empty hollows of the generous spruce tree

A robin sits alone

In the humble nest she put together

Waiting eagerly.


Her vivid blue feathers gleam under the radiant glow of the sun,

While the wind softly tickles the brilliant ochre of her chest.

Faraway she hears the sound of the wind,

The gush of the mighty waterfall muddled-

With the chirp of the sparrow and the growl of the tree leopard.


One by one the eggs hatch,

And for her the world seems to shift.

The spruce tree comes alive with the soft chirrups that fill its every crevice.

Their wings flutter, full of life,

As her nestlings watch their new-found world, so big, so bright.


She works tirelessly from dusk till dawn

Feeding them, watching them grow stronger each day.

She nurtures them with love and care

Singing a soothing tune as she warms them up for the night

Basking in their glowing warmth and light.


An avalanche of emotions emerges as she teaches them to fly,

While time passes by in a flurry.

They spread their wings to fly farther,

And it’s not long before they’re all gone.

Each left, taking a little piece of her crushed heart.


Now when they’re long gone

She sits alone in her bare nest, singing a lonely tune

In the empty hollows of the generous spruce tree.

The very forest that once seemed so loud, so full of life, 

Now feels like it is mourning her loss too.

The echoes of silence are deafening.


                                                                                                             – Advaita Tyagi, Delhi Public School, Noida


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