Time and Living – Arushi Adwani

The picture depicts harmony between time and the living. The gears of a watch turn in sync– symbolising the satisfaction I aim to feel as I work, the sense of peace that comes with knowing you’re doing fine.

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Hall of Haikus – Paurvi Bhansali

Blend of harmony- A color, a shade, a mix, Born a masterpiece.

Blend of harmony-
A color, a shade, a mix,
Born a masterpiece


The pluck of a chord,
A music of euphony.
Hand me my guitar.


Big thunder rain clouds.
Over there! A flippin' rainbow-
now, we're all at peace.


Here! See my platter-
A range of food at fusion.
Now get me water


Fall turns the leaves brown,
Coffee, books, and Flower crowns.
Life feels an escasty.

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