Through the Looking Glass – Aarushi Das

“Through the Looking Glass” contains two parts.  The picture actually painted is in negative. So, when you put a negative filter on it, it looks how it would look in reality.
The picture to the left is painted, and the one to the right has the negative filter on.
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The Curious Case of ̷B̷e̷n̷j̷a̷m̷i̷n̷ ̷B̷u̷t̷t̷o̷n̷ the Bermuda Triangle – S. Mysha Urooj

October 11, 1492: Christopher Columbus and his crew see a candle-like light which rises and lifts up. 1918: A Navy cargo ship with 300 men and 10000 ton of manganese disappeared between Barbados and the Chesapeake Bay without sending a…

Every Picture Tells A Story – Isha Singh

The mystery the eyes of the main subject behold is beyond intriguing. The shop towards the outside is vivid and colourful, but holds a dark shadow within. It makes us question, what does it hide? What is there inside to discover?

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Mystics of the Desert – Ananya Tandon

From the very beginning of our childhood, we have heard about the Arabian Nights. After reading all the desert stories from the very famous Aladdin, a question arises about the mysteries of the mystic desert .
The illusions, the mysterious experiences all feed to the rumour that the desert is magical. Imagine a dark night, when you are alone and a sudden aurora streaks across the sky. Just like this one, many stories come by and blow our minds– from meteors exploding in the sky to illusions– all coming to a stop at the question, “is a desert really enchanted? ”
Most theories suggest that these are really rare experiences which occur once in a blue moon. Other religious theories believe that there are true and sacred spirits which cause these mysteries .
A mystery still unsolved… What is your take on this? Is it really true or just a conspiracy?

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Inside Minds

Blinded - Simmran Agarwal
Trapped - Simmran Agarwal
Covered Sight - Ansh Choudhary
Tears - Henaysha Chhabra
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Unknown: A Feeling – Ichcha Walia

“There are known unknowns”

~Donald Rumsfeld

Does something like the “unknown” even exist? The knowns were once unknown and maybe in incognisant ways, we step into “unknown” situations every day. I believe the “unknown” is a place you’ll become used to someday, the “unknown” is a person you’ll find the most comfort in someday and I believe the unknown is a feeling you’ll want to experience every day. Right this second, something is waiting to be known, to be explored, and we’ll always keep pushing the boundaries of the unknown to get there. The unknown is limitless, just like one’s desire to know more. But as Pema Chödrön says, “Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all”, we’ll never really know everything. Something will always be unknown to us or maybe the unknown lies within you? And you’ll know it when the time permits.

– Ichcha Walia, The Millennium School, Noida

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Why India’s Economic Fallout Should Worry You – Jasmann Singh Narang

The lockdown of an entire country of over 135 crore people seemed quite unrealistic & unanticipated at first thought, making it frightening when it actually happened.   At the very beginning, it was truly peaceful– our streets had seldom been so open and deserted…


Red and White - Aaditya Ganguly
Petals - Jasmann Singh Narang
Symmetry - Jasmann Singh Narang
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