Fearless is an imaginary term. One can pretend not to have fear but it dwells in everyone’s mind. Some fear death, others fear the outcomes of their decisions, but everyone fears the uncertainty of the future. We have all come across films that encourage time travel and the wish to change our past or discover our future is every person’s unfulfilled desire. We all wonder to ourselves— what if we could change time?

In 2020, all of us adapted to a new normal, the lockdown life. This pandemic affected families, mental and physical health, businesses, the economy but also our adaptation skills. We realised that we can keep in contact with our loved ones while maintaining distance, continue schools, colleges and offices during lockdown and build isolation centres immediately to help the affected patients. All this was successful through trials. When one stays dormant and doesn’t offer to help in the situation, life is at risk; but when one dares to take a step then that step itself is a risk.

Uncertainty is all around us, never more so than today. As humans, we crave security, want to feel safe, and have a sense of control over our lives and well-being. Fear can drain one emotionally and trap a person in a downward spiral of endless ‘what-ifs’. One continues to imagine the worst case scenarios about what tomorrow brings. This pandemic did change our lives completely, and it wasn’t what any of us expected at all but it also taught many of us the actual definition of fearless. It doesn’t refer to the absence of fear but actually is the quality of a person who realises that something is more important than fear. Only then will risks be taken, as without taking risk the problem cannot be overcome.

Sometimes I feel that if mankind had the power to control the future, the pandemic wouldn’t have ever happened, no mistake would have ever taken place. If the unknown could be obliterated, I would finally be fearless. But the same thought made me realise that this power would mean the end of exploration. Life would then not be lived to the fullest. With peaks of joy and valleys of heartache, life is like a roller coaster. But if challenges don’t hit us or we don’t experience twists, turns or crazy loops, no one would wish to board the ride. Life would be immensely boring as problems wouldn’t occur and the euphoria that one feels after solving the problem would not be felt.

So we ought to trust the wait and believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing lasts forever. With optimism, we must take joy in the unknowable journey. Here is to enjoying the beauty of becoming, as when nothing is certain even the incredible is possible. Surprises and obstacles are necessary elements for a wonderful life. Be fearless, embrace the unknown and discover the right path meant for you, as the unknown is what makes life worth living!


– Riya Jain, Amity International school, Noida

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