Day in, day out

The young and tough

The old and stout

Venture around


Grey skies, a smoky atmosphere and dreaded souls trudged on, disheartened by the drudgery that was also referred to as “urban life”. The sound of reluctant steps and pained sighs permeated the atmosphere. “Splash!” went the water which filled the pothole as polished and bruised shoes walked past it. Some cursed it. Some simply moved on listlessly. The water swirled energetically.


8 p.m., March 22nd, our lives changed forever. The moving feet suddenly came to a halt. The racing cars parked themselves. The lives of daily wage earners halted midway. An age of introspection commenced as the Sun set to rise on a new horizon. The water in the pothole seemed absolutely still.


For a few months, the whirring of car engines was replaced by chirping birds. The grey skies were painted a refreshing blue as though a new canvas surrounded us. The smoky air vanished as dew set in. The water in the pothole seemed absolutely still.


Stay still

Let the leaf fall

Stay still

Till mayhem befall


The Sun will soon rise. The birds seem to be slightly fearful. The sky is now a hue of icy blue with the tinge of grey. The languid souls are now hesitant to escape the blissful humdrum of domestic life. A new era awaits, but will it be the same?


The creaky engines slowly come back to life. The dusty shoes mourn as they transition from one monotony to another. The silent streets now brace for the hustle-bustle which was its essence. The water in the pothole trembles with the fear of the unknown.


– Adya Singh, Kothari International School, Noida

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