Songs of fire,
Heart’s sweet desire
Burning a hole in the desiccated clouds,
Rain is nowhere to be found.

Parched shore
Starved floor
Thirsty boats
And closed doors

But today, the light shines over me
For I talked with the rain
Convinced her to pour down, rain over me
Get over with it, all in on go
And she responded, that is not how it works
For it is a bitter-sweet symphony

And She has been too kind to me––can’t be repayed.

When the earth shouts her lungs out,
Suffering from pain
I stand there, hoping that the light
Continues to shine over me
Better sense prevails and I get through it

For it is the truth
One should be familiar with it

Continue down the path, you will not get lost

Be humble, calm and poised
For this is life’s joy.

– Rimjhim Khambra, Amity International School, Noida


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