The silence that silences everyone,
The tranquility which listens to no one,
The overflow of thoughts with no intention,
Giving the voices in my head no attention.
What does this deep void really suggest?
My pleas to put a stop to my inner conflict are not just pretense.

It feels like I’m a captured bird,
Waiting for the day my thoughts would be unfurled,
Waiting for the day this unheard voice becomes heard,
Waiting for the day I joyfully accept being a part of this world.

But it is time now to end this cessation,
I can’t keep waiting when I have dealt already with a plethora of accusations.
This hour. This minute. That’s what I’m going to change,
It’s not my feelings, it’s my circumstances I shall rearrange.

If there’s something I’ve learnt in this journey of mine,
Is that I truly have to be the change I want to see.
But is it really worth all the tears, all the heartbreak?
Or will my signature “I’m fine” suffice my social duties?
Because there will always exist the silence that silences everyone,
There will always persist the tranquility which listens to no one.


-Vaari Khosla, 11-B, AISN


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