There is a darkness that clouds the mind,

When the mind touches heights.

When the mind longs to print paper only,

And it becomes the printer’s devil.


The darkness is a delusion,

A delusion of happiness in everyone,

A delusion where stress is fictitious.

This darkness clouds the mind.


The darkness is a locked room.

A room limited to opinions,

Where facts are outlaws.

This darkness locks the mind.


How funny is it!

To get out of the darkness, one must know sorrow,

To step into the light, one must dim the lights of self,

And have a glance around to find,

That one was living in a light so blinding

that it was darkness in disguise.


There is a light that makes one see,

That happiness is not with everyone.

That reality is not as it seems.

This light helps one feel.


There is a light that helps one realise,

That people have pain masked behind those smiles,

That people struggle every day to rise.

This is the darkness that unlocks the mind.


Awareness can ignite the flame within,

The flame which was only a spark.

Awareness can turn on the mind,

And sensitise one towards the world,

For each illuminated mind can save the world,

Can save the world of its corruption and darkness.



~By S. Mysha Urooj, AIS Noida


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