As the world makes another spin,
It feels pretty different this time!
Her belief shines in her sparkling eyes
As she prays for someone
in a cape, to hold her hand.

Flying, in the dark night sky,
As one among the million stars,
Probably visible to the eye,
for the first time in a while.
There she goes––up and down,
As it turned day from night.

Upside Down,
She felt the difference between hell and heaven;

Top to the Bottom,
She now figured out where the sky began;

Inside Out,
And she could read their minds.

The red cape of hope, strength and power
finally symbolized itself and––
the crisis of the past shaped a hero in this spin,
As she chose to wear one herself and…

Up there she went, flying, as the world made yet another spin.


– Adya Sukhija, Amity International School, Noida



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