I, Khushi Rai Baranwal of class IX have written this for those who can’t express their feelings well. For those, who even after being capable to express themselves can’t do that. For those, who have just lost a friend more important to them than their breathing. For those, who are sensitive at heart, know the true meaning of love, and know how it feels when someone gets truly hurt; for I am one of them who got hurt and took a long time to cope up with it. At last, by writing this…

“A Friend Like You”

Things you see me do,
Are not always true,
Whatever you see me doing,
Isn’t always a hundred percent ensuring.
I may look heartless from outside,
But there are feelings buried deep inside.
There are feelings which I can’t tell,
But I wish you could have seen them.
The more I hide my tears, the more I cry,
That’s one of the ways with which I can be identified.
I wish nothing, except that you could’ve just stood by,
And even the most difficult situations would have flown by.
But you left me, when I needed you the most,
And ignored me as if I was a transparent ghost.
You changed into my nightmare, from a happy dream,
Because after that, in my heart, you became the worst person.

I tried to get over you,
But the nostalgic feeling caught me too well,
And now, remembering you burns like hell.
Your ignorance didn’t hurt me,
More than your irresponsibility did.
The way you comforted me with that soothing look in your eyes,
The way you talked to me to make my anger slip by,
Now, what seems so far and distant,
Was once too real for my dreams.
And now I wish I never had
A friend like you who became lovable to good, and good to bad.

  I like this!


  1. Hi Khushi
    Thank you for your words. Some months ago my best friend declared me as the worst friend on earth, resulting in my first suicide attempt. Even after months of therapy, I am still as heartbroken as at that horrible day. So I felt exposed, vulnerable and to my surprise sort of relieved while reading your poem. As you can tell by now, I am not blessed with any linguistic talent. Therefore thank you again for sharing your poem with all of us. Take care!:)


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