Conversations about mental health aren’t just about emotions. They are about illnesses too. As much as we try to pretend that all 7.6 billion people in this world are neurotypical, they’re not. It’s not as hard to comprehend as we make it to be. People have mental illnesses, which have symptoms, like any other illness does. These symptoms can be behavioral, emotional, or even physical. They could be crystal clear, or like the visibility in Delhi. But they’re there. And need to be identified by a professional. But we all know that it isn’t as easy to go to a psychologist as it is to a physician. While only a few sneezes are enough to convince your parents to take you to a physician, even weeks of begging won’t make them take you to a therapist.

There are two, or infact three ways in which this situation can proceed. In the first scenario, your parents are pretty close minded and would rather take you for a ‘soul cleansing’ to remove any ‘bad spirits’ than to a therapist. Here, you can try to convince them by making them watch movies like ‘Dear Zindagi’ or make them read articles like this one right here. However, it won’t be of any use, and you’ll just learn to suffer in silence…until you grow older and can afford a therapist on your own.

In a more optimistic second situation, your parents will probably be a bit more considerate than others to actually take you to a doctor. You’ll talk to the therapist and feel better. Then they’ll have a word with your parents, and without telling them your business, just give them a few tips to make things easier for you. But then, you’re parents won’t be considerate enough to listen to and folllow the therapist’s advice. But alteast you felt a bit better. And scheduled an appointment for next week, because your parents might not be as considerate as you want them to be, but your therapist is. And that is a major win.

In a third and an almost impossible scenario, you go to a tharapist, with the blessings of your parents. They follow the tips given by your doctor and you eventually improve your mental condition. Sounds like an alternate universe, but if you’re lucky enough, it can be your own.

But we can’t depend our mental state on mere luck. When it comes to things like this, matters must be taken into our own hands. If you are one of the many who face the first scenario, there is always a school councellor who you can go to. And there are always ways with which you can convince your parents. And things you can do to feel better. The point is, the bad situations are possible, but so are the good ones. And they are worth hoping and working for.

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