My head and heart

Are often out of control,

A constant struggle

To wonder whether or not to do the untold.


The relentless banter

Keeps me awake at night

Weighing the wrongs,

Weighing the rights.


The heart flies high

In the sky, like a kite,

While the brain struggles

To bring it back to life.


I miss the harmony we shared ages ago,

When I wasn’t in a constant

State of dilemma, battling between

What I want and what I can have.


I miss the simplicity of life,

Where love was the strongest emotion,

And practicality was for the adults to worry about.

Days when I could wear my heart out on my sleeve,

Care with no worry.


I don’t want to look at the world

With the knowledge I have,

But with all the warmth I have gathered

From the people I’ve spent time with,

Who made me believe that

I could still be the child with

Her heart out in the open

For they will keep it safe for me

If I ever got it broken.


– Saara Mathur, Amity International School, Noida


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