The intricacies of harmony, 

stay seldom discussed. 

The stories of violence, 

The endless mistrust. 


When the days end and the nights begin,  

the fear and repulsion one faces within. 

Where is harmony then?

When hatred spews amongst our own–

people, children, women and men. 


Unity in diversity; 

Something taught throughout our life,   

From kindergarten to university.   

When one demands their respect 

but lacks reciprocity.   

Where is the harmony you speak of?  

For there is nothing to justify this mendacity.  


Maybe one day, India   

Shall rise as a nation, 

where harmony would exist in its rightest sense.   

A country free from violence, whence 

Humans roam freely– 

people, children, women and men. 

 – Shrida Mahajan, Delhi Public School, Noida 



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