Be it the hyphens in Dickenson’s poetry cascade,
Or the shards of champagne glass in Swift’s lyrics.

Be it the roads of trodden, untrodden leaves in Frost’s lovely, dark and deep woods,
Or the paths in Steele’s novels plucking on our fantasies & heartstrings.

The smiles of this world, yesterday or today,
Were led by these souls inundated with mellifluous emotions.

Their words resonated with our tears,
Their stories dismissed our loneliness.

Thank you to Shakespeare for softening our eyebrows to Romeo & Juliet’s embrace.
Thank you to Swift for carrying this Fearless Love Story.
Thank you to Dahl for exhilarating our sweet tooth with the Chocolate Factory.
Thank you to Rowling for giving our wide-eyed fantasies a home like Hogwarts.

Yet, I feel my words fall short of the gratitude I have today.
I’m grateful to those minds for sheltering my reverie, this world tried to break in every way.

-Tanvi Kamra
Lotus Valley International School, Noida


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