In the tranquil, black night
She sat in solitude with twinkling eyes,
The music had ceased
The people were gone
Her dazzling crimson brilliance had been reduced to a faint blush.

The streets were vacant
devoid of life,
but she sat there
In the relentless wait of aurora;
When the orange rays of sun and the misty white winds
Would flick her ray of hope off.

She sat there until dawn came
Useless without her yellow light,
But too immobile and dependent.
She sat there, just thinking,
Thinking about the colorful events of last night.

She sat there waiting to be swept away,
By the new people that came to prepare for a new day.
A new promising beginning;
Nothing similar yet nothing exceptional to the astounding events
Of last night.

Last night, when she lit up
To bring joy and radiance for others,
When she felt the burning inside but continued on
Only to be thrown in the bin in the morning,
Discarded and unwanted.

– Advaita Tyagi, Delhi Public School, Noida


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