Chalky, monotonous white walls,

The professor talking on and on.

The dim lights flicker out in the hall,

Waiting for the bell to ring so I can be gone.


But then certain dampness engulfs the room,

The sky becomes dark and fierce.

Winds start blowing as if the city will fall into doom,

Thunder strikes and lightning hits after many years.


The professor’s smile fades,

And the bell rings soon.

Pupils rush outside and take shade,

To save themselves from oncoming misfortune.


I walk on the sidewalk with hands in my pockets,

While a mother dresses her child in a raincoat.

The child longs to feel the rain droplets,

But all he can do is play with paper boats.


The earth’s tears soothe my skin,

Drenching me in misery.

The clouds finally burst to express their chagrin,

Fighting towards earth’s mighty victory.

The cracked grounds gulp water,

The unsprouted seeds germinate.

All with no humans to slaughter

Nature at an abominable rate.


It doesn’t stop there– no, not at all.

The leaves scatter on the school floor,

The stems slyly creep into the hall.

A lesson humans will remember for sure.


The boring classroom is now covered in green,

Roots of education now replaced with those of nature.

Canopy covers the white walls– a sight unseen,

Earth finally took revenge on its smartest creature.

– Samiksha Dubey, Amity International School, Noida


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