Look clearly, at those eyes.

With dark circles and a visage; sapped,

Belonging to the pestering mother.

Delusioned into a happy life; trapped

Like clockwork, with dedication she works her life away.

Into and through the veins of the eyes,

Runs the altruistic attachment,

For her love of others, chastised.


Go ahead, now

Look clearly, at those eyes.

Belonging to the middle class slave.

Ardent followers of the book,

The ones breathing a li(f)e they’d only loathe.

Care-free, they let time pass by; until they’re shook.

Affliction, agony and aspiration in them,

Though there used to be none.


Look clearly, at those eyes.

Belonging to a lover.

Lit up with a gleeful face and phony smiles.

They live for someone, who doesn’t for them; weep

Caressing themselves with hopes and lies,

Remembering the promises the other should keep.

The emotions that run

Through these eyes,

Across their hearts & through their veins.


Look clearly, at those eyes.

Of a soldier,

Living valiantly with hope and compassion; they teach us.

Readying to renounce themselves for the greater good,

From stories of compassion and unflinching behavior, our hearts; they reach us.

Amidst & along the difficulties they stood,

Even when gazing death right in its face, they say,

Aye, Captain!”


Look closer into the eyes,

That you see in the mirror.

Some with unfulfilled dreams & treasures,

Shattered hearts & broken souls.

Denying yourselves all the pleasures,

Do they chase the things, they do not want?

Onto the paths you should not tread.

Scared of things that make you daunt.


And now,

Look clearly into all these eyes,

Do they belong to you?

Stuck in man’s 3rd stage

Or you to them?

– Jasmann Singh Narang, K.R. Mangalam World School, Vikaspuri


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