Look around you, look at the sky,

Illuminated by day, dimmed by night.

Look at your feet, that control where you stand,

Altering positions, to the unplanned.

Your fingers alone, rotate between things,

From different nail colours to refashioned rings.

We live in a world that is prone to change,

Tastes reform, ideas exchange.


This planet of ours constantly rotates,

And though time is a wonder, it never waits.

Look at the people, walking the streets,

Sometimes they fall, but get back on their feet.

Just like you, they see different worlds,

Of different times, as they occur.


The child who loved to play outside,

Is now a phone addict planted inside.

The popular teen who was cheery and glad,

Is now an old and lonely grand-dad.

We catch ourselves thinking, ‘reality sucks’,

But the truth is, it’s always in flux.


~ Urvi Shukla, Class-12


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