Change. Considered a paramount factor nowadays, it is and will be something that occurs more often for us than we realise, especially in the present, and in whatever the future beholds. This change is slow, steady, and is ever-constant; as if layers and layers of perspective and reality are being torn down and new ones are being sewn simultaneously, imparting on each and every one of us the effect of this continuous process.

We wake up to a new world every day, discover something new has happened, and try to wrap around our heads to it, make as much sense as we can of it, and continue with our lives. However, for most of us, there is always a voice, a silent nagging in the back of our brain wanting us to explore, understand, and push our own limits to fully compensate for the blanks left when we quickly skim over something we can never quite fathom. 

We find new cures for diseases while we often crumble mentally.

We work hard for grades we know will make as much difference as we choose them to.

We find love in small and big things, knowing we may lose them.

Last but not the least, we appreciate a clear sky, rays of warm sunshine, and warm home-cooked meals more than our rising standards of living, a golden palace, or a lavish feast fit for kings. Let’s be real, would any of us choose material wealth over sheer nostalgia, beauty, and compassion? 

In all this rhetoric, we uphold whatever our foundations are laid upon, differentiate between right and wrong, empathize and sympathize with those who have been deprived of anything, realise that we may have different beliefs but love always finds a way (although its ways may be as ambiguous as a cup of milk every morning or a helping hand when we need one any time). Like so, we understand things change.

So while the world around us spins, we stand on one point in a place we aren’t quite sure of. In a second in time, which we can’t count. As a person who may be meant for others, while we try to find ourselves.

Our thirst for curiosity grows as we understand our universe, which, too, is subjective to constant change. We must always remember though, that change, no matter in what medium or form, is always for the better– sometimes superficial, sometimes covered in thick blankets– but always there; like time, perpetual, steady, and endless.


~Yashasvini Verma, Class 9, Amity International School Noida


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