I open it,

And the bookish smell fills the air.

I’d rather be here

Than anywhere.

For here I have a world

Of my own

Which I control,

But I also don’t.

Sometimes they’re hardcovers,

Sometimes they’re paperbacks

And on each word my imagination hovers

And after, I always end up looking back.

Some are mysterious, some serious

Some are romantic, some tragic

But all of them have a magic

Which leaves me spellbound

Addicted to it, astound.

They kindle my senses,

Marvellous through my lenses

They’ll always be close to my heart

No amount of work can keep me apart.

They go slowly, build up the tension

As I read with rapt attention

Each of them leaves me

With a new message

Leading me to it

Through a different passage.

Even though I leave some unread,

And some words unsaid,

They’ll appeal to me forever

And each book I get my hands on

I will devour.

And when they climax

I’m pulled into a trance

I sit there with my heart in my mouth,

Hoping that things don’t go south.

Sometimes they give me closure,

Sometimes they leave me wondering,

But to new worlds, they give me exposure,

And in the end, they leave my world thundering.


~Sehaj Ghuman

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