A photo says a thousand words

But how do you describe something that cannot be photographed

For what I have seen today cannot be captured through a camera lens.

I’ll paint you a picture with as many words I know

To give you a glimpse of Bio Bay Puerto Rico

Let’s begin this journey together, an adventure beyond time

So close your eyes and imagine, imagine a little slice of paradise.

Rocky sand with blue water as far as the eye can see,

Beyond that is the land of green.

Imagine sitting on a kayak, kayaking for a kilometre and half,

Strength and power, that is what you need.

Going through the water canal with the evening sun streaming at you

Surrounded by trees on both sides, it’s an abyss of green and blue.

The sound of chirping birds echoing down the stream

You can hear the mating call of the grasshopper and the buzzing of the bees

The singing crickets and the humming cicadas create a beautiful symphony,

Better than the opera, they have a wonderful sense of musicality.

Tired, you heave a sigh of relief,

When the guide comes and helps you as you keep crashing into mangrove trees

As dusk arrives you finally emerge at the lagoon,

At the right time to see the sun and sea merge as one.

Laughter boom and people shriek, for no one has seen such a beautiful scene,

Gradually the voices die and the silence speaks and the people see the fishes in the sea.

You look up at the stars,

there must be more than a million in the sky

Into deep thoughts they take you

Making you wonder about your past moves.

As you look at the water, its calmness soothes you,

Makes you glance at your presence in a reflective mood.

When you put your hand in the water, you’re surprised to find it warm;

You learn why when the instructor tells you the history behind it all.

Slowly you move your hand, giving it a gentle swirl or two,

And you finally see what you actually came along to.

Hundreds of bioluminescent microorganisms, shining bright like fireflies in the night

Like a dozen fireworks burst in the sky

They give you hope for the future, they make you realise,

that after every dark night,

There is a ray of light.

~Trisha Sachdev, Amity International School, Noida

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