Through the Looking Glass – Aarushi Das

“Through the Looking Glass” contains two parts.  The picture actually painted is in negative. So, when you put a negative filter on it, it looks how it would look in reality.
The picture to the left is painted, and the one to the right has the negative filter on.
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The Curious Case of ̷B̷e̷n̷j̷a̷m̷i̷n̷ ̷B̷u̷t̷t̷o̷n̷ the Bermuda Triangle – S. Mysha Urooj

October 11, 1492: Christopher Columbus and his crew see a candle-like light which rises and lifts up. 1918: A Navy cargo ship with 300 men and 10000 ton of manganese disappeared between Barbados and the Chesapeake Bay without sending a…

Mystics of the Desert – Ananya Tandon

From the very beginning of our childhood, we have heard about the Arabian Nights. After reading all the desert stories from the very famous Aladdin, a question arises about the mysteries of the mystic desert .
The illusions, the mysterious experiences all feed to the rumour that the desert is magical. Imagine a dark night, when you are alone and a sudden aurora streaks across the sky. Just like this one, many stories come by and blow our minds– from meteors exploding in the sky to illusions– all coming to a stop at the question, “is a desert really enchanted? ”
Most theories suggest that these are really rare experiences which occur once in a blue moon. Other religious theories believe that there are true and sacred spirits which cause these mysteries .
A mystery still unsolved… What is your take on this? Is it really true or just a conspiracy?

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