This story is a continuation of the show “Lucifer”, from where it left off season 5. Beware of potential spoilers.


“It is quite suffocating here.”

Being in a storage room with my kidnapper’s identical twin wasn’t something I was planning on doing. That too, when he was the devil, and I was in the caves! But, I had already become a part of their family drama by falling in love with him.

Michael, the kidnapper (who was known to manipulate people’s fears) made me believe that his brother didn’t love me. Little did I know, it was more complicated than that.

There was a prophecy that stated — “When the devil walks the Earth and finds love, Evil shall be released.”

Nevertheless, Lucifer confessed that he had fallen for me. I was relieved to have my misunderstandings cleared and went home safely to my daughter Trixie. On the other hand, Lucifer and his celestial friends Amenadiel and Mazikeen were paranoid. Nothing seemed different on Earth, but Lucifer was getting prepared for every possible way all hell could break loose.

As usual, I went to get coffee, while Trixie was waiting in the car. To my grave shock, she was gone when I returned! I was afraid Trixie was in the same place as I was a couple of days ago. Naturally, as a detective, I went to check out the caves, but to my disappointment, she wasn’t there. Instead of informing the police, my next instinct was to tell Lucifer, as I thought he would be prepared. To my surprise, Lucifer was stunned. He had not expected something like this to happen.

Lucifer came to me with Amenadiel and Maze. They questioned me about Trixie’s friends and where she had been in the past few days. Dan, my ex-husband, was called in too. Lucifer was sure that this was some demon’s work, but Dan and I weren’t convinced. We decided to involve the police. The police also did not come up with any leads. Maze, being a bounty hunter, was our only hope.

As Maze was out searching for Trixie, Remiel brought down Eve from Heaven. She had dated Lucifer in the past, though, she had also dated Michael — Lucifer’s evil twin brother. Michael was a liar and a master manipulator. The only person unaffected by this was Eve. Eve had always had a way with words; everybody had a soft spot for her.

Amenadiel, Lucifer, and I were grateful to Remiel for bringing Eve down. We updated her and got her up to speed. She agreed with the celestials, saying it was some demon’s work. She went and confronted Michael, but he begged to differ. Nevertheless, she couldn’t believe him due to his record.

When Maze, didn’t return for a while, Lucifer checked the tracking device he had installed on her phone. Dan and I, who were working with the police, got to know that three planes which were supposed to land in Los Angeles had gotten diverted. When Lucifer and Eve got to know about this, they knew that it could not have been Michael, as he was with Eve.

Dan and I were getting more and more worried by the second. They decided to hold up their search. They followed Lucifer’s tracking device on Maze, only to find that Maze was too involved in this demonic mess. Eve questioned Maze’s loyalty – even though Maze was the most loyal person she knew. She knew that there was something fishy going on. But before she could confront her, she was gone.

We found Trixie tied on a chair sitting alongside Maze. Dan and I were happy to find Trixie safe. Amenadiel who came along with them knew that this was just the beginning and something had to be done soon.

Lucifer once owed John Constantine a favour. John had given Maze a human face after which, Lucifer returned his favour by giving him his devil card to enter purgatory to find the green arrow. Constantine granted favours to all supernatural beings. Lucifer knew that John was the only one who could get them out of this situation, as he had the power to summon demons. Lucifer went to fetch for him at once.

Mysterious things kept happening around them. People started dropping dead, and then their bodies went missing. They were all found murdered in the same way, as if some serial killer was on the loose. But the blade mark was unique; Amenadiel recognized it at once. It was none other than Azrael’s blade — a flaming sword that belongs to the Angel of Death, used by the celestials. Even I and Dan were convinced that this was the work of demons.

Once John and Lucifer arrived, they knew that the murder weapon was the key. This had to be treated like any other case. Azrael was the only one who could locate the flaming blade. Remiel went to call him down from the silver city. Azrael found the murder weapon and led the rest of us to it. I noticed that these were all the dead bodies that went missing. Lucifer explained to me that demons take over the bodies of the dead. Constantine began working on evocating the demons. Lucifer and Amendiel knew that the demons were influenced by someone because they weren’t as smart as they pretended.

All the demons looked like they had been manipulated or hypnotized. Lucifer was the only one who could tell when Michael was lying. Lucifer walked towards him. “It was you who was behind this, wasn’t it? What fake promise did you give them this time? That they would get a soul?” He asked.

Michael tried messing with Lucifer’s head, but Lucifer had already caught him in his lie. They got into a fight, and the dead became dead again. Before the fighting became more serious, Eve stopped it, so that neither of them did anything they regretted. Lucifer — the ruler of hell, returned to it with Asmodeus, Azazel, and all the other demons.

After a few weeks, Lucifer returned. In the meantime, Maze had returned to her usual self and helped the others keep everyone safe on Earth. Michael, too, had returned to the Silver City and nothing mysterious had happened. Azrael returned with his blade and secured it. It was safe to assume that everyone was now out of danger.


– Vaasvi Sethia, Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra (West)



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