Instagram, WhatsApp, friends, Self-help books – various resources speak volumes about tools to live a successful, meaningful and sorted life. However, I’ve noticed there to be one beautiful tool that only a few people talk about- Silence. 

As ironic as it may sound, let’s talk about silence. In the next few minutes, I share some personal anecdotes about my experiences with this tool and how it acted as a saviour, a friend, a path to success, and a medium of love.

  1. I was caught in a moment of aggression. Both sides of the argument were heated and pressing upon each other as to who was right. I took a deep breath. One more. I chose silence that day. Had the argument gained momentum, it would have been a fiasco. The silence was wise. The silence was settling. The storm passed. When I was ready, I saw that my associate had apologized on the WhatsApp group. Silence became a saviour.
  2. I was at a prayer meeting. The death was young. The sorrow was deep. People spoke. People shared. I chose silence to comfort my friend. Silence became an expression. Silence became powerful. Silence was healing. Silence became my friend. 
  1. I was being judged. It was my first interview. The senior professors wanted to see who is focused and who is worth it.  My colleagues spoke about their laurels and capabilities. I selected silence. My silence helped them notice me. Silence became my passport. Silence became my validation. I spoke when I was asked. Silence intensified my worth. I am grateful for silence.
  2. Let’s talk about love. Words elude us when we are soaked in pure love. It is then that your silence speaks with the other person’s silence. Silence becomes a mode. Silence becomes so beautiful. 

This is Sara signing off (silently).

-Sara Maheshwari,  Amity International School, Noida

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