Seasonal feelings.

Sundry skies upon me,

There is warmth in my chest.

My shadows are resting,

The sun is soothing for once

And my ghosts allow me to dream this time.

I wonder, I wonder

If I’ll curdle again this year but the thought’s too far out.


I sip tea which isn’t half hated,

Think of the wistful art of wishing

Which isn’t half foolish.

Again, I try to list all the things I hate

But just once,

I’d rather write of the ones I love

Because lately I’ve realised, that love

Is a love I can have.


The space between myself and myself,

Before black and god-forsaken,

Now shows hopes of something more humane,

Gawkish and honest.

Nothing turns to everything and

I allow myself to welcome tenderness.


What is my heart doing now?

Remembering, Remembering!

The world I used to see in monotone

Soon will overflow with the colours of my affection,

As if my inborn misery is giving way to something more,

More than the moldy patches of my mind.


I look everywhere and I love, I love,

Pressed flowers and clumsy notes,

Also afternoon naps and cookery shows;

Something about coffee that makes my heart flutter

As well as cold days with homely clothes.


The risk to remain as a bud

Makes me more restless than the risk to bloom.

And it’s terrifying, terrifying!

But I want to give this feeling a chance,

For once let it be more than a reserved ordeal.


Thus, let me feel it—

For I see it, I see it

Everything, everything a reflection of my love.


Happiness: a condition.

– Adya Chauhan, Amity International School, Noida



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