Content Warning: The piece below deals with marital rape. Please proceed with due discretion.

the man is on strike.
99 hashtags shared.
99 necklaces and the man marries.
99 irritations and the man walks out.

99 becomes 100. the woman remains.


stay. what shall you give me?

no consent. then we will not marry

because in this land

where the woman toils

I will rest my feet.


we are two forces fuelled

by the same fire.

your mother, my mother

your father, my father

you can never do anything wrong

and I can never do anything right.


even if you close your eyes

when I say no. you put a different

label on it. every human has

rights. I call it rape.

you laugh.

if not me, who shall toil in this union?

trending: #marriagestrike

– Aliyah Banerjee, Round Rock High School, Texas


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