Land, fire, air, water and space

Coalesce to form one Earth.

The land births, the fire flares,

The air soothes, the water cools.

All working in harmony in the space.


The green sprouts as the land splits open,

But “stomp” go our feet, ending its life.

Buildings, dams, factories and trams

Displace greenery and soil into the unknown.

She fights back — the Nandi Hills now stand torn.


Vigour, spark, flame, burn

All taken for granted without concern.

The fire crackers, the hazy winters

Must be amusing to wheeze in despair.

Revenge spreads as leaves catch the orange-yellow flare.


The breeze flowing, the wind blowing

As the wind chime sings hymns of glory.

Glory of the dear, brilliant humans

Who so generously added dirt and dust to invisible air.

Another Yaas, another Tauktae, will we ever learn to care?


The blue marine flowing peacefully

Until we, the wannabe Poseidons

Forget vigilance and instead squander

Every available drop in meaningless quests.

As we are enveloped with excess, the flood protests.


Where do all these forces unite?

Right in the space we occupy.

But will we let them survive?

If not, we will not stay alive.

So let us stay prudent and let them thrive.


– Samiksha Dubey, Amity International School, Noida

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