Brutal wars have been waged,

With fires, oils and guns,

Crisis looming in the air,

Impending doom.


My trees have been cut,

My grass has been burnt,

My waters have been contaminated,

As I gasp for clean air, now filled with smoke.


I regret letting people reap from my bounty,

For they have given me nothing in return,

Seized my territory by force;

Forcing me to surrender.


If no one will fight for me,

So be it,

I will fight for myself;

And I will stand.


They favoured my vines; cutting them

Their favourite crime,

Something they’ll regret,

Given time.


For I will rise,

And I will force them back into their homes,

They’ll run and stumble and beg for forgiveness,

As I reincarnate.

– Saara Mathur, Amity International School, Noida


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