I am tired of being competitive

I want to leave this city life.

Oh! The hustle and bustle here

It is so peaceful there.


I am talking about a place

Far away from the city face.

It’s a small village

Which is here since an old age.


No one is there to compare me

No fear of ‘we’.

There are twinkling stars and glowing sunshine

Making me feel someone is mine.


There is tradition

In every motion.

There is happiness

In selflessness.


There is the flow of wind

Which is never paid mind.

There is music in the river

With soothing trigger.


There are dancing flowers

And the music of little flights which are far.

There is positivity

With religious witty.


I want to move from this concrete place suffice

To the village life.

I want to enjoy every moment

In my small monument.


I want to enjoy nature

Without any tension of the future.

I want to enjoy with me

Sitting on a tree


I want to enjoy

I just want to enjoy…

…The beautiful village life.

– Sruti Das, DAV Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


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