Today I share with you all,
the recipe to create some ‘Marvellous Memories’;
there will be no need for sugar and salt,
just the kitchen of life jingling with the heart’s melodies.

First off, ignite that fire—
of adventure within thy soul
after this, a pot you’ll require,
and a curious little bowl.

Now add the first ingredient slowly,
for it is the most important of all
this one would cure the lonely,
as it is friendship, crisp and raw.

After this, we add a ton of charisma
and then a little bit of luck
we stir and mix a pinch of wisdom;
inhale the delicious fumes and be starstruck.

Now you taste it to check
if you’ve finally created it,
and then you realize that heck!
something is missing from the dish.

The last ingredient my dear,
is love for the trivial things;
to be cheerful and never fear
and be satisfied with whatever life brings.

So now go out there,
and indulge in this tasty treat;
make every moment memorable and rare,
for nothing in life could be more sweet!

– Ananya Mishra, Somerville School, Noida




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