Be it a sore throat or a stressful sigh,

the ultimate solution mom had was a cup of chai.

A straight no was always the reply,

without even giving it a sip worth of try.


“Come on, we’re the Gen Z!

What do we have to do with a boring cup of tea?

Coffee is all we require,

to battle stress, anxiety or mire.”


These were the thoughts of a 16-year-old me,

who was yet to witness the magic of a cup of tea.

The opinion changed in a split,

when I first tried out a small sip of it.


Little did I know that the thick brown liquid,

could be so full of life and incredibly vivid.

Capable of filling silences with sweetness,

and a mind at havoc with calmness.


Thousands of unanswered questions were all answered at once,

what I had been seeing from childhood started making sense.

Now I know why dad asks for tea after a tiring day,

why the guests can’t refuse a cup once the aroma is lay.


Sorry for all the times I undermined your power, chai

You really do help in keeping my spirits high.

– Ishani Singh, Amity International School Noida

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