I dream of a cliff,

Alongside which

I walk for miles,

In utter silence,

Floating out and in

Of the eternal abyss,

Like a happy child,

Ignorant of science.

But then a blow

Pushes me below

The lucid clouds,

Of pure innocence.

And I fall,

With no control,

Into the crowd

That reeks of indifference.

I lay still

On the grass, until

A gust of wind

Rubs against my face,

Startling me awake,

From a sleep so fake.

I stand to run,

In the real race.

Here, I find creatures,

With distinctive features,

Who run and fall,

And laugh and cry.

From them, I learn

That on every turn

Life takes, we have

A thousand chances to fly.

Thereafter one day,

I stroll in the shade,

And feel a light touch

On my bare shoulder.

Looking behind,

I smile to find

A freshly fallen flower,

Caught on my collar.

It lies in my palm,

And smells of dreams,

Like the one I had,

And it strikes me, that

Every time a person has

A falling dream,

A flower falls,

Into the lap

Of mother nature,

Reminding us

That fallen things,

Are indeed,



~Urvi Shukla, Amity International School, Noida



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