The voices truly wake up,
When you stop seeing the world,
Out the glass of the window,
And notice instead, your own reflection.

Examining every nook;
The longer you stare
At your smudgy echo,
The more faults creep up.

The cracks of skin,
At the corner of your lips,
But also the guilty character
Carefully stashed inside.

At times, it doesn’t matter.
At times, you cherish yourself.
Confidence oozes out your skin,
And the world is your sandbox.

But once in a while,
Incompetency arises,
And slowly begins to drill its way,
Deep into your skull.

Begins to tear up bonds,
Wondering whether you’re good enough.
Little jokes pinching your diaphragm,
And embed further, your unworthiness of love.

You push harder, strive to be better,
But envy joins the fear,
And wedges itself,
Between you and the window.

Until you lay tired on the floor,
Each heartbeat getting louder
And the world growing distant,
Hidden behind the incompetent reflection.


-Kreetik Thakur, Amity International School, Noida


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