Did it ever start? When will it stop? Nobody knows
Once it passes through, where does all that is past goes
It’s the biggest wonder of all, yet it’s the thing that keeps us running ahead
But it’s a question whether we overtook it, going fast as it’s said

Or are we just slow and left behind by time
A universal factor, governed by none, free of charge from any crime
Yet it breaks no rules, strict and disciplined always
Time is shapeless it has no face

A mere measure to keep up, in the form of a clock,for the time that’s bailing
It’s hands trying to reach up, this greatness and failing
Time never stops, never did it start, it’s a mystery forever
It’s untamable, it won’t stop, it’ll never

It stands above all, being the most powerful there ever
After all that happens, time lays strong there forever
It’ll never be explained, it’s the working of this universe since the start
A force that has conquered, the fuel of the universe, its heart.


By: Mudit Saklani, XI, Amity Noida


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