Hey, my name is Manogya Kabra. Some of you might know me by the name ‘Default’. I am very happy that I am given an opportunity to write about my music and spread my music through Reflections Magazine! I generally indulge in EDM or Electronic Music. Electronic Music has various subtypes within it such as ‘House’, ‘Trance’, ‘Dubstep’, etc.

I make my music using a mix of all of them.

Music has always been a part of me. Most people have 60% water in their body, but I like to think that I’m made up of 60% music. Music has been there for me through some very hard times, and through some very good times as well!

Sometimes, I have even completely sustained on music when nothing else seemed to be going right. That is why music is so important for me.

My passion for music began when I was in 4th grade. My father had always been a music lover and shared some famous hits of the 80s with me. Since then, I wanted to make and feel music. In 6th class, I started using FL Studio, a very professional music making software. I also learnt Tabla for quite a while and have performed in school and outside school too. I have made music countless times for several Annual Days, Sport’s Days and school assemblies. Since 8th class, I have had a dream to make a career in music (and do a collab with Camila Cabello and Demi Lovato!).

I released my first professional soundtrack in class 10 by the name of ‘House 2’ and have been continuing since then. Although my YouTube channel isn’t the most popular, with only 16 subscribers and 551 views, I have not lost hope and am thankful for even these many views. My latest soundtrack ‘Heart Movement’ made my all-time high of 132 views and was liked by a lot of people! I believe that you need to try your best, keep improving and putting your work out there, and eventually, you will be acknowledged.

I have learnt a lot from music. It has completely changed my view on things. I used to be a pessimist, but music has made me look towards the lighter side and be optimistic. I have also improved in music-making; I used to use only Garageband, but now I use Garageband, FL Studio and Launchpad. Initially, my inspirations, to be honest, were Pink Floyd and Demi Lovato. Now, I aim to become like Alan Walker or Marshmello.

Above all, I have to say that Music is something that can change you as a human and is there for you even when no one else is!



Listen to Manogya’s latest creation ‘Heart Movements’ here:


To hear more of him, visit his YouTube channel – Default Music


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