| Image Credits: Mudit Saklani |

From left to right: The claw-like structure represents the most negative part of the mind, which tries to grab on and drag you down. This represents all your negative emotions. It has a tight, harmful grasp that just makes your mind bleed with negativity. It represents all the guilt for your sins, all the wrong decisions, greed, lust and selfishness.

Then, there is the centipede. It moves slowly with trouble. It symbolizes a bit of self-loathing, as centipedes are frowned upon when it comes to appearance. It also symbolizes that how tasks are getting difficult for you and you have too many obstacles and obligations. However, it also displays that you are taking in negativity and are turning pessimistic. Like mentioned above, those tasks that grow harder aren’t impossible to complete, but with a pessimistic attitude problem, it isn’t bright.

The flowers are red spider lilies. They are often used in art as they have many symbolic values. However, here they show sorrowful memories. While might want to avoid them, this is who you are and these memories are experiences that shape you and make you wiser to the ways of the world.

(Extreme right): Then comes the human hand. It wants to grab you out of this mess and take you to that happy place of ignorance. And ignorance is bliss. It shows how a person wants to just have the innocence they once had and have that ribbon over their eyes they had as a child and not be wise to the ways of the world. All the evil, sorrow and depression. It doesn’t want you to grow up and keeps you down. It shows that to get something, you must lose something. In this case, to grow, you have to lose your innocence.

And finally, the hand-like structure, that reaches out into more, smaller hands holds your brain in place. Those are the nerves, veins and arteries of the human body, conjoined to make that structure. It shows that after all this torment and pulling apart of the brain, it faithfully keeps it in place, always present and supportive. It never leaves your side, doing only things for your benefit. However, it also is shown to be fragile, and shouldn’t be abused much, as if it breaks, so will you. It shows that you should also be grateful for all the support and other things you have, and should answer back with equal kindness. Between all of this, it is the only barrier that keeps you safe. So don’t harm it.

The blank centre of the brain shows that it is up to you to decide what colour you want it to be, what you want your mind to be. So, readers, you should stay positive.



  1. Thanks. I just got up and drew my mind out. It actually is inspired quite a lot by Shin Towada’s work for Ishida Sui’s horror manga, Tokyo Ghoul. It is an abstract piece that like all abstract art, has heavy symbolic meaning.

    Mudit Saklani

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