As he stepped on the grounds of wisdom, he realised this is where he will develop and improve his worth; where he’ll be reborn into the world of knowledge.

This world for him was school, where the poor fellow couldn’t drool. With each step, he went farther away from his father; he would rather climb buildings and run miles, but he was yet to know that his world would now revolve around alphabets and numbers.

Grades passed by, he fell and he rose, took a heavy dose of knowledge on some days and on others, a rose for his teacher on Teacher’s Day– for this was the way he expressed his gratitude to her, which he hadn’t abandoned yet.

Five years passed by, seven were yet to go, when he entered a place which referred to as the “Middle Wing”. The place where, he was told, he would soar by earning his wings. Days passed by and so did exams; the steps which lead him here were but a distant memory, but he knew this pain was temporary.

Fours year down to go, the years which will either make him or break him! The years when the young man would turn into an adult, where he would be the future of his nation. Will he build his reputation? Or will he face intimidation?

Well, he did both, and soon, it was time to bid farewell. In his last days, with each step, he went farther away from this place of wisdom– which the young man not only called ‘School’ now, but his second home.

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