The day I looked around myself,
All I saw was how trapped we were
living this lifeless life
that has no meaning left.

Who are we working for,
when sadness is all we bear
in trying to be happy?
With every second, we live
waiting for the hours to pass by
Hoping to lie on the green grass.

Why couldn’t we live a little while?
Get our heads out of those little tiles?
Everything we need is within us,
All we need is someone to trust.

Be yourself, be nice
Everything will be just fine.
Inside every man there’s a child
who wants to dance in rain—
How about being a child?

Stop caring if you are ‘ugly’ or ‘fat’;
Stop thinking what others think.
Or, life will be over in a blink.

Image Credit : Sakshi Gulati, 10-B

  I like this!


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