Sugar melts like it’s meant to be with water,

One of those love stories,

The ones which fill your bleeding heart with laughter.


I was so young when I dedicated my life to uncanny words,

Naïve fiction came to me, masquerading as my world,

No one ever told me fairy tales could hurt.


I used to wrap myself up in the sunshine,

As I waited for Prince Charming,

Sitting under the eerily blue skies—


“He’s real, he’ll be here”,

I used to think,

Every last drop of love stories,

I used to drink


From every time I wanted to fall in love,

To every time I quietly walked away from it,

Breaking hearts, including my own,

Didn’t I want this?


I remember, I wanted to save people,

Who never held the power to save me

I was ready to go down fighting, about and around—

Even when they could hardly get themselves off the ground.


If Prince Charming was real

This was when I needed him here,

Were even is he?

The uncertainty was killing me.


Like a bullet, this is when reality hit me

Romeo-Juliet was never a love story,

There is no such thing as “star crossed lovers”,

I was done wrong by history.


Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou?

The answer came dressed up as a cold night,

Came with it, a death row.


But these fairytales were inside me

As deep as a dagger,

They weren’t scared by anything

Not even my anger.


How long will it take for me to realise

That sometimes the sound of laughter,

Resembles cries?


When will I know,

When to let go,

Sometimes, death warning

Dresses up as Prince Charming


Piece by piece, I was tearing apart my own heart,

I wish I had known, I was doomed from the start.


Now, whatever’s left of the love which I used to hold,

Will be swept into the sea,

Whatever remains will be carried away by the sweet, sweet breeze.


In my head,

I did everything right—

But I should’ve never read those stories,

Now that I look back, in hindsight

Maybe my worst fears were right.

– Ananyaa Mihir, Queen Mary’s School, Delhi


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