By Ananya Grover

In yet another episode of the perennial feud between starlets Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, Davis has now been roped in to adopt the role of none other than her arch-rival, Crawford herself. She has allegedly been cast as a waning actress, falling ungracefully from her prime and clinging on to the last vestiges of her fame, an indirect dig at Miss Crawford. One can only imagine the glee with which Davis must’ve signed the contract.

Blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe, meanwhile, was busy fighting a strong breeze blowing up her little white dress, as she stood atop a subway grate in New York City. Ah, the struggles of the rich and the famous. Her husband – the second one – stormed off the film set after her billowing skirt incident, in apparent disapproval. We’ll have to wait and watch how that one plays out.


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