Fall…what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear it? Is it what we call Monsoon or what we call Autumn? What even is the significance of it? To a few, it is the dull season of gloomy rainfall, tears of our Mother Earth, and Autumn bringing the withering of life and the opening ceremony to a cold unforgiving winter. Some view it as a time to celebrate, celebrating the rain or sending off the dearly departed as the winter comes, the time of sleep and hibernation. To me, it’s the season of rejuvenation. It’s the rebirth of life, accepting change, growing into something else and striving ahead.

I like to believe it symbolizes how one must abandon their past habits and self if they want to improve. If one wants to grow into something better, they have to let go of the past habits and lifestyle that has gotten them comfortable and eventually, stalled their growth. People these days talk about diet regiments, or fitness regiments, workout regiments and what not. But most of them are not able to commit to it because they are too cosy in their current ways of life, unable to break the chains holding them into a lifestyle of working hard and eventually bearing the sweet fruits for it.

We have to abandon our past selves for our better and new selves, with a commitment to not stray from our part. Yet another example, toxic social circles and relationships can do one a lot of harm but people don’t want to quit these things because they have grown accustomed to it. They are attached to these things. One has to identify the negative aspects of life and appropriately handle those aspects, so that they can be set forth to bloom.

Mother Nature does so too. It rains to prepare for the Autumn. Then, it sheds life in order to work through the harsh winter, which is analogous to the hard work we have to face through. Finally, we can bloom into Spring. Springtime is when the green leaf blossoms.

It’s about time we stop getting stuck in our own ways, nourish ourselves, and leave our current lifestyles for something better for it is the season of change, the season of rebirth for a new life.


~Mudit Saklani, Amity International School


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