NOTE: This article assumes that you have seen the movie ‘Aisha‘, starring Sonam Kapoor. If you haven’t, this discussion of the film’s central love story will make little sense to you and would spoil the plot for you. 


Whenever I have watched the movie ‘Aisha’, the established sense of the little perfect love story always existed.

It wasn’t to anyone’s utter shock when Arjun climbed the ladder into her balcony at midnight when Aisha had foolishly confessed her feelings in front of the unfamiliar crowd. As petty as Aisha was with everything around her, she had to have found her Arjun at the end of the day. However, what strikes me the most is how the entire movie takes me to the idealistic world far away from realistic ideas. It drowns me into the fairy tale, making me forget how not everyone is blessed to have their love, not everyone is a soulmate to their soulmate.

In the world we live in, a heartbreak maybe the most common disease everyone has suffered. And no wonder that Aisha did as well, when she thought that she had let Arjun fall into her self-built trap of finding the right match for Shefali. The endless thoughts that crossed her mind day and night, the tears she wiped off of herself alone, the depreciating self-worth she went through got her, her knight in shining gradually. But what if Arjun had decided to settle for Shefali and not climb those stairs? What if Arjun thought that Aisha was too dramatic for him to handle? Or, maybe he felt Aisha wasn’t the one because she was too high on her ego to confess, only to know that he wasn’t the part of the crowd the ‘too lost in love girl’ went up! She would have lost her love of life to someone she created merely as a project.

Worldly speaking, what if Arjun never had time for Aisha to listen to what she had to say? What if he assumed that she wanted to argue every time she said his name and slowly lost her to the realm of the world because he thought he was too caught up and young to know whether she was the one or not. Because then little would have Arjun known the unknown things she did for him, the endless thoughts she had spent on him smiling alone in the room thinking of their memories, the efforts she had put in herself to be better than Aarti just to have him merely notice any of it.

But maybe, because they were meant to be so they did gradually. Maybe because Arjun was mature enough to handle their situation without having Aisha worry about any other girl in his life. They showed that no matter the heartbreaks or the roller coaster ride a relationship might seem to be, for the right one, it’s always worth it. Because if it weren’t for Aarti or Dhruv entering their lives, Arjun and Aisha would never have realised that the two of them were the ones for each other. 


– Simran Tokhi 

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