It had been some time since I had been to the flicks, and thus, I fancied seeing a movie not long ago. It might sound cliché, but it really is true. My favourite motion picture was Doctor Strange, which premiered about four years back. Due to strenuous involvement with academic pursuits, my only R & R was the time I was at my grandparents’.

The thing I really loved about this feature film is that Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), who was an established neurosurgeon, and knew his ways around nerves and vertebrae, was altered drastically in the further scenes, all due to a motivation—which was not fuelled by his hunger of success, but his fear of failure. A man with a supernatural memory and motive was rendered desperate following his unfortunate motorway accident. Strange, a man who lived life in leisure was reduced to a bed in the very hospital he worked in. Despite getting all his ribs broken, and after getting all his digits steel-supported, he still had the audacity to pursue his occupation as a surgeon. However, he was left at a place where he could not go back to his rich life, and not even ahead, as there was uncertainty in his future. Left at the crossroads, Strange chose to move ahead in life.

It was Strange’s iron will-power and his strong faith in himself, that he was able to become what we know him today in the Cinematic Universe as. I find his very personality inspiring. Even after losing almost all of his fortune; his tenacity and his steel-like resolute helped him to endure the tough days when he was struggling to survive.

Combined with subtle humour and truckloads of action, this movie was able to become a blockbuster. It was hugely successful not only due to it being an MCU feature film, but also due to the fact that Cumberbatch was able to portray a character who had grown adapted to rote learning and ingenious practicality, and was not at all accustomed to theology and philosophy. This also shows that a person, who is just a speck in the vast multiverse, who thinks that he knows and thereby, owns, still is a novice student to the everlasting field of knowledge.

-Syed Basit Naqvi, Amity International School, Noida


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