I have seen people in a constant wonderment about one pressing question: How do we change the mentality of such a big population?

Some say raise awareness, some prefer fighting for change, and some opt for changing perception with an individualistic approach. Even though these approaches aren’t wrong, there’s a bitter truth behind each one of them.

The current society is in shambles; we can’t chase billions and mould society to think better or think morally.

What we can do is raise one. Life goes on, and so will generations. So why not make the upcoming generation humane, or, like the millennials say “woke”.

Now, this is going to sound rude but in the next 10-20 years, the current judgemental, negative, racist, sexist, homophobic people are going to leave this earth, for good. The society that we have right now, that our generation loathes and quite truly hates, will make way for a newer, fresher perspective. Meanwhile, we, as the next reproducers, have a blank canvas. Here comes the open letter: raise your children right. Raise them to be acceptive, kind, gentle, understanding, sensitive to other people’s sentiments and most of all raise them with a sense of equality.

Why leave it up to the next generation to handle protests, candle marches, suppression, taunts, and pressure when we have the power to change it all? That right there is the biggest advantage we pose as reproducers who can break the stigma. Break the chain of parental pressure, ‘pados wali aunty’, an opposite-sex friendship as abnormal, menstrual taboos, communal riots and hate as a whole.

We hold the baton of a newer humanity and it’s time we consider passing it on with the right technique. 

~ Vanya Tandon, Amity International School, Noida 



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