Once there was a fair lad,

Who walked serenely on his path.

Nothing to make his road any funnier,

Nothing to tear him apart.

No road is smooth for any traveller,

This ugly truth he faced,

Sorrows plucked his content swagger,

To beat them, fast he raced.

Familiarity was unseen, he wept,

Love left him, so he felt,

Profound sadness, he was saturated,

His spirit, he constantly bled.

Desolation had touched him times before,

Nothing compared to what now he bore,

Alone down the trench, he was,

Hopeless, sad and covered in moss.

Soon then, the skies seemed to clear,

Bells of joy, he now could hear,

Couldn’t believe, but a hope emerged,

His Messiah, a ladder of birch.

Love is energy, never dies,

One rediscovers, while in the profound cries

He now could embrace, what he thought he lost,

A warm flame, amidst the frost.

What felt miles apart,

Laid on his shoulders.

Tricked by life’s art

Made him a soldier.

A test it was? No one knows,

Against all odds, love is the force,

The door’s upfront, hope’s the key,

Belief never one lets drown down the sea.

What hit him like a hurricane,

Morphed serene as a lake,

Life does give lemons,

Belief’s recipe can bake them into a cake.

It’s not always that cold,

Don’t freeze life for yourself,

Anything you can mould,

If there’s power in your shelf.

Hate and love, both to all life serves,

Focus on the love-

The good tight in the fists,

is slipped by the rage in those nerves.

The mystery of love, for sure,

for every sorrow, there’s a cure,

“How did his messiah emerge?”

“In the trench,

how did he find love?”

Just believe it’s true,

It’ll happen to you,

Ne’ermind if the secret remains obscure.



~ Udaybhanu Singh, Amity International School, Noida 


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