It has been 3 months since my Exchange Program to France came to a close. I was incredibly excited for the program as I’ve been learning and practising French for years now; I’m quite proud of the fact that I can speak the language of love fluently!

It’s so hard to think about the days I spent there without completely disconnecting from what’s happening around me and submerging my mind into a montage of continuous clips from all the mad adventures I had in France. Even though things didn’t work out quite well between me and my correspondent, she deserves the most respect for hosting a dramatic little boy till the time she could handle me!


Kartikeya enjoying French food


It meant so much to me– all those big and small things her family did for me. All the brioche and baguette that I ate, to the wine they served me every day from their enormous wine cellar.

But the best part for me was spending time with my best friend, Khushi Bhagat. I always had a dream of going out to a different country with my best friend and this trip fulfilled that dream. During the trip, we went to Sephora together innumerable times, ate gelato every day, and took more selfies with our beloved dog filter than I could possibly count. I still remember how we ran in Champs Elysees because we only had 20 minutes to shop!

As a person who is curious to learn and observe different cultures around the globe, exploring the beautiful sights, delighting cuisine and the refined culture of France in the company of my friends, was an unforgettable experience for me.


-Kartikeya Goel, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 





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