Wandering the unrevealed pathway
is all I want to live again one day…

All the magnificent mountains that passed by
that serene change in the colour of sky
from relishing the scenery of a baby sparrow learning to fly
to cherishing those memories once lived by the little eyes.

That tranquillity of the aesthetic river trickling down
the voice of silence being heard and anxiety drowned…
the mesmerizing sight of the foliage bestrewn all around
like a maiden draped in her wedding gown.

That pacific breeze flowing soundlessly
taking my every breath along with it endlessly
That allure of the glittering droplets falling spontaneously
and the elated clouds showering bliss simultaneously.

That breathtaking view and obscure faces
the exuberant mind and undiscovered places.

That wandering is all,
I want to live again one day…

~Akshi Jindal, Amity International School, Noida

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