Silence is suffocating.

All these people who desire silence, who crave the village life, long for the serenity of the mountains, yearn for the peace of it all.

All these people.

Have they never been alone with themselves? With their minds? Are they not aware of the monumental destruction, have they not witnessed the colossal damage the mind is capable of?

Do they not know that the worst thing you can do is to let your thoughts wander- comfortably, peacefully as they spiral you towards a rabbit hole that echoes your worst fears and suffocates you with the endless moments of dissatisfaction and disappointment you’ve faced at the hands of other people?

Do they not love the moon, but hate the night for the silence it brings? Do they not pray for the traffic noise and the patter of rain to offer a disguised blessing of distraction.

Or are they healed? Healed and cured from the disease of the mind? Relieved from the curse of overthinking and overanalysing? Or are they just born that way?

With a mind that does only what’s required, only the necessary. A mind that doesn’t try to obsessively perceive others or wreak havoc just because it’s bored.

Maybe then, and only then would it be a little easier to find in this world- a quiet place.


~Fatima Arif, 12-E, Amity International School, Noida

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